i love stana katic – her films and her tv show “castle” – my guilty passion – i am a stanatic – i have ocd – obsessive castle disorder

writer723 – maggie christian
writer.poet.screenwriter. animal activist. support progressive political causes. film maker & photographer. lgbtq activist. lesbian. animal advocate. animal lover. daily journaling. dream interpretation. write poetry.fiction(novels & short stories).semi-autobiogrpahical books.screenplays & blogs. cinephile. anglophile. technophile. love theatre.great television(esp. british).films. love books. love reading. collect quotations. collect dvds. love music (eclectic tastes). addicted to laptop computer. internet. facebook. twitter & other social networking.’surfing’ the net.wikipedia.texting.ustream.wordpress.blogging. love my family of 2 humans(myself & my partner) & 12 animals: 1 amazon parrot (saki). (6 cats (sanji, sigmund, schroeder, spike, soyer & spootiepaws). 1 rat (max). 2 degues (bubble & squeak) & 2 chinchillas (sagan & sundance). love animals. worked for humane society for 14 yrs. worked at westport public library as intern. worked at bennington college library. student assistant in college. co-produced gay & lesbian radio show at yale university. member of yale lesbians. board member of new haven, ct womens’ center. love stana katic. her films & her tv show ‘castle’ -my guilty pleasure. passion for & study of psychotherapy & other forms of psychology. believe in love as a metaphysical state of being. in love with being in love. support legalizing marijuana. support releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison. support abolishing the death penalty. support a woman’s right to choose. support the arts in schools. support federal funding of pbs. npr & nea.


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  1. Danielle Pope says:

    Hello my name is Danielle Pope and as part of an NCEA level one Digital Technologies Course I have been asked to create a website which will not be published. I came across a picture http://theuniversaleclectic.net/2011/05/19/castles-final-moments-of-season-3/ while browsing your site and was wondering if I would be able to use it for my assignment. Thanks.

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