amc’s bink’s reaction to guy at bar & she said ‘it’

amc’s bink’s reaction to guy at bar & she said ‘it’

by maggie christian


under the circumstances, bianca’s reaction was not unusual to the guy putting his hand on her arm/wrist/hand seeing what she recently experienced. that said, even if she hadn’t been recently and in the past traumatized he still was invading her personal space and i don’t care that it was just to be friendly and to admire her new techno phone. he was being too forward without an invitation or waiting for bianca to accept him into her space on her own terms. bad move on part of guy. not surprising reaction on bianca’s part. there is such a thing as do not touch unless someone gives you an okay or some kind of signal. he just moved in. it may have been totally innocent on his part but he did overstep bianca’s boundary limits without permission. (jmo) just my opinion. what to you think about this??? it’s a definite issue with me. i don’t like to be touched by anyone without my permission. rare that i will allow it from someone i do not know very well. hugging for me is by my choice as well. it is all that i had been able to accept due to working on trauma issues from the past. so i do understand bianca’s reaction.

then at the ending of thursday’s episode and in friday’s, bianca finally said “it”. maybe it was just to her sister kendall but she said: “…i think i am falling in love with her.” now what is she going to do??? marissa is just clueless. what is it about straight woman not having that awareness??? they never have a clue that a lesbian is attracted to them or has strong feelings for them. and why do lesbians put themselves through the pain of having those feelings in the first place. it never goes anywhere except sometimes a brief affair that culminates into a painful ending. just saying i unfortunately have learned from experience and it definitely doesn’t feel good at all.

now that bianca’s storyline is finally picking up again and becoming extremely interesting as in the days when eden riegel played the character, blasted brian frons had to pull the plug on all my children so we, the lovers of amc, will never get to see if marissa may actually come to a realization that she has reciprocal feelings for bianca and instead of choosing j.r. she breaks the mold on the “straight woman” curse and discovers her inner lesbian. that would make for a delightful happy-ride-off-into-the-sunset-for-bianca-her-children-and-marissa. ever since they paired these two characters together on amc it has made the show so much more fascinating. why is it that programming decisions on networks always delete shows when they are imaginative and have a cult viewership and the ratings are more than just okay??? so many shows gone, decided by so many idiots who have no clue that the viewing public have intelligence and want shows that cause them to think while they are being entertained and who prefer fictional television to cheap, junk reality based shows and their dumping on us an over abundance of mundane, redundant talk shows that are becoming overly pervasive across all networks. just how many times do we have to hear the same b@ll s@#t to get the point.

just a thought that came to me while taking a short break: what about choosing “say” 7 to 10 of the best characters of “all my children” and “one life to live” and do a primetime spin-off and create a one hour a week nighttime drama from each show. there are so many stories that are left to be told. obviously, abc-disney wouldn’t be interested but what about some other network such as lifetime (there are so many others to choose from). the costs would definitely be adjusted and could be beneficial for all concerned.

that was one thought i had which reminded me of an an article which contained a list of some of the best television shows that lasted one season but were exceptional and had great potential as series’ that could have lasted several seasons. networks are all too eager to pull the plug before an audience has a chance to be established. i’ve read many times in comments that people just don’t want to take a chance on watching a new program (and i have similar feelings but usually give in to the temptation of watching if something sounds exceptionally good) because they don’t want to get invested and have the series yanked before the story has a chance to play its self out. i am certain everyone has experienced that frustration numerous times. it really is annoying and p@$$3s me off that this happens more often than not with new series. look at law & order, it has practically vanished from the landscape. next season there will only be ‘one’, svu, and even there the cast is going minus one. eliot stabler is gone. as with the series ‘castle’ i hope that svu chooses a female to be olivia’s new partner as ‘castle’ has decided to replace the murdered capt. montgomery with a new woman captain for season 4. i am going to try and find that list i mentioned with the names of the shows that should have lasted longer than one season. if i am able to find it i will post it.


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