General Hospital: Is It Next???

General Hospital: Is It Next???

by Maggie Christian

General Hospital's: Sonny Corinthos and Luke Spencer

I read today on Facebook from a page for “Days of Our Lives” that General Hospital is on the chopping block. It appears that Katie Couric has been made an offer of $20,000,000 by ABC to do a another talk show to replace General Hospital in their time slot in September 2012. Now if you take into consideration that to produce a talk show includes the cost the “Star” at $20,000,00, then you have the cost of the crew, the producers, directors, writers, staff, assistants, prep people, researchers and behind the scene workers and then you must take into consideration the loss of audience and sponsors. Do you really believe the cancellation of all of ABCs Soap Operas are not going to lose ABCs entire audience in the afternoon??? You might as well cancel your soon to be new shows before you even start to produce them because there will be no one watching them. It doesn’t seem a profitable exchange to me versus continuing the Soap Opera General Hospital (and considering the continuation of producing All My Children and One Life To Live while ABC still has the chance). The average cost per year for producing a Soap Opera is $50,000,000. What comes with that cost is a loyal and dedicated audience, sponsors, employing actors, writers, directors, staff, the advertising community, crew, make-up people, hair people, craft services, ancillary revenue, product placement, the annual Soap Weekends and Cruises and the escapist and realistic support of relevant public issues and causes, and all the behind the scenes workers and those who create and continue the suspension of disbelief. Continuing the Soap Opera General Hospital or any of the other Soaps contribute more to the culture and society than the rehashing of the stale talk show material. How many talk shows do we really need??? And how many do people really watch??? It is the same with Reality Shows in Primetime, there are no residuals. With Soap Operas the audience is able to watch each episode as often as they wish and they will because of technology and the sponsors’ products are repeatedly viewed and stored in the minds of the consumers who watch “The Soap Operas.”

Does anyone know the source of this information about General Hospital being on the chopping block??? We are already losing two more of Soap Fans favorites in (AMC) All My Children and (OLTL) One Life To Live. It is difficult and painful to imagine no more Llanview or Pine Valley. Over the years we have lost too many Soaps. It all started with Nixon and The Watergate Hearings and then onto OJ Simpson murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman and the subsequent trial of the 2000th Century where as we are all aware he was afterwards found “Not Guilty.” Their hearings and trials screwed the Soaps for sure. It started a trend in which many Soaps have fallen like Dominoes.

(follow up information on General Hospital – partial article from

‘All My Children and ‘One Life to Live’ are gone. Is ‘General Hospital’ next?

by Lynette Rice

Buried in the announcement about Katie Couric’s talk show deal with ABC-Disney was the news that the Alphabet will be giving the last hour of daytime back to its affiliates in September 2012. That’s the hour currently occupied by General Hospital, which airs either at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. across the country. (Couric’s show, which will be syndicated, will air at 3 p.m. on the ABC owned-and-operated stations only). The entertainment conglomerate made a point to say that it still supports the sudser, but at this point it can’t say for certain whether the long-running soap will have a place on ABC’s daytime lineup 15 months from now.

Once it gives that fourth hour back to the stations, ABC will only have three to fill but four shows to do it with — The View, General Hospital, and the yet-to-debut lifestyle shows The Chew and The Revolution. There’s a chance that one — or both — of the latter programs will fail, which means GH could continue to have a spot on the lineup. But what if the two yakkers, which are ultimately cheaper to produce than a soap, thrive on ABC? The network just can’t say, though it’s possible the two talk shows can be cut back to half-hours so GH can continue its storied run. Or, worse for soap fans, GH could go the way of The Bold and the Beautiful and become a half hour, too. From ABC’s point of view, it’s nice to have options, but that’s not particularly reassuring for soap fans who are already reeling from all the cuts to their beloved genre.

Either way, ABC has made it clear that soaps will not play a big role in its future.


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