castle’s final moments of season 3

castle’s final moments of season 3
by maggie christian

every time i view the final scene of the season finale cliffhanger of season 3 my eyes tear up. it was just such an emotion altering segment with such profound consequences. seeing beckett slipping away and all the feelings and thoughts racing through me as i am caught up in those moments. omg!!! the impact is so immense. i am so invested in “castle”. i haven’t felt so connected to a tv show since “twin peaks”. it has such a profound effect on me. stana katic as beckett and nathan fillion as castle just create such magic and to see them in such a raw state at the very end can’t help but move me. the image of becket’s face and her sensing that she is slipping away is such a crushing blow. it’s very easy to forget at the time that there will be a season 4 i am so caught up in the moment. what went through my mind at rapid pace was she must be wearing a vest or castle pushed her aside in time or it was all a set up but none of these scenarios were true. that’s our final image of beckett lying in a pool of her own blood, her eyes closing as she loses consciousness and appears to slip away into death and castle trying to plead with her to come back to him: “kate, shh! kate, stay with me kate. don’t leave me, please. stay with me, okay. kate, i love you. i love you, kate.” until september those words and that last image is etched into our memories. andrew marlowe what are you doing to your castle fans???

“castle 3×24 knockout (castle and beckett moments)”

“castle – knockout – end”


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