osama bin laden killed

osama bin laden killed
notes taken while watching the news unfold on abc special report live

by maggie christian

usa has obl’s body id off dead sister’s brain dna. confirmation 11:30pm announced. strikes a few days ago killed him. today 5.1.11…m…still waiting for obama to speak. makes me feel sick to my stomach. jubilation over death isn’t something that seems appropriate. osama was a fucking sob but lots of people have died over trying to kill him. maybe they were not innocent but what is justice? our gov’t has been bombing this area for a very long time. he is dead. i was at first shocked and surprised by the news. who would have thought on May Day – Beltane – such an announcement would be made. al q. is weakened but not b/c of his death. usa ground forces were involved. tweets are “wow” “god bless our troops” “omg he’s finally dead”…this is off abc news. haven’t gone online to facebook or twitter yet myself. just listening. want to hear the presisdent. this operation alone has taken 9 days. now we have to worry about suicide bombers and the taliban. kids have been trained to be suicide bombers over 350 s.b. kids in one training camp. others not reacting the way the usa are reacting. ground zero still looking vacant with all its’ lights on at nearly midnight. dna has been checked and double checked. the face of evil has been killed. osama bin laden has been killed. it is final. obama promised he would make obl his no.# 1 target. looks like he succeeded. bush lost where obama won. usa forces had to go across the border into pakistan to get obl’s body. military/intelligence were involved in strike. fbi did the dna testing. it was an attack on the ground at a compound they had been watching for months monitoring obl to be sure it was him that they were going to be attacking. washington celebrating the death of this man. outside the white house crowd hearing obl shot in a mansion. here comes obama now to speak. terrorist who has killed thousands of women and children… 9/11… pentagon… children losing parents… nearly 3000 citizens taken from us… we were united as one american family on 9/11… obl openly declared war against usa on that day… we’ve disrupted terrorist attacks… obl evaded capture… obama directed cia to go after obl… last august briefed on possible lead to bin laden… located last week they had enough intelligence to bring obl to justice… a small team of americans carried out attack on obl after a fire fight and took custody of his body after they killed him… his death does not end our vigilance… we are not at war with islam… war not against islam… his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace… obl declared war against pakistan as well… they are pleased with the results… usa did not choose this fight… as a country we will not tolerate our country being threatened… justice has been done… we give thanks to those who carried out this operation… to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 this is proof that we have never forgotten your lose… we are one nation under g@d… usa… end of obama’s speech// …cautious that there will be retaliation (family member who lost someone said)… who protected him all these years. obama called bush to inform him. called clinton to inform him also. will send shock waves through the arab world. 10s of thousands of muslims have been killed in this fight since 9/11 all over the world. closure for those who lost people on 9/11 and to the usa. obl found close to islamabad not out in the mountains. may precipitate some retaliation so we need to be cautious and vigilant. that’s all i have for now. really exhausting. obl gone but who remains. still has followers…m ps. new update that it may have been a joint usa/pakistan operation. people singing “nah nah nah nah good bye” to obl… do not rip osama bin laden. no virgins for you m@th#r f@ck%r… a moment of subjective expression and a certain bias from remembering 9/11 and all the suicide bombings and the terrorism he unleashed into our world…(correction 5.2.11 at 2:58pm: pakistan did not participate in raid that killed obl. also he was warned to surrender but refused and was shot and killed. body was sent out to sea as burial site would have created a place for his followers to obsess over him.)


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