The Purpose and Meaning of Life

What Is the Purpose and Meaning of Life?

By Maggie Christian

If it is necessary to have meaning and purpose one should look at the accumulation of actions and thoughts and emotions that have been created in our lives thus far. Is there enough satisfaction inside of us to feel or think we have followed a path we have chosen and ask is it leading us in a direction that will give our life meaning and purpose? I struggle subliminally with that daily but feel the continuation of my life is forwarded into the work I do and in the inner enlightenment I discover through how I choose to value time and space. It can be excruciatingly painful or it can be a euphoria or someplace in limbo. We decide what labels to put on what we call purpose and meaning and decide if they are real or just necessary for our imagination to accept the illusion of our lives in as painless a way as possible. The impossible is possible and no one knows what anything really means. We make it up with our doubts and hesitations. We live as full a life as possible if we are able. Does that bring meaning and purpose? This is the great debate and what causes peace to find a most difficult time maintaining a hold of the universe or just this small part of the planetary system we call Earth.

Writing brings meaning and purpose into my life. If I were not able to write I would feel lost and my life would have a strong sense of meaninglessness and lack of purpose. There are multiple fascinations that I find enjoyable to pursue. Is pleasure a creator of meaning and purpose? Is writing enough of a form of artistry to bring pleasure and satisfaction to the life that is chosen? Does publishing and having readers take a person one step closer to finding the click in ones head that tells us we have arrived? Does one need to arrive to already be there? We all create our own final destinations. What is beyond that we will not know until we have passed from this life. While here I feel it is important to have somewhere inside your mind, heart and soul that you are aware that you were here and you found some sense of enlightenment.

(Comments I edited while retaining their meaning. My reaction is written below).

“…every single writer now feels they must have a blog and a web site.” ~anon~

“…just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should and these days… everyone seems to think they can write a book! Writing–at it’s best–is an art; publishing is a profession. Chatter–yes! So very much of it out there. Just because your wife or best friend thinks you have a flair with words, doesn’t make it so. If publishers are smart, they will catch up with the technology… At least then the book-reading public will have some idea what’s been edited… some books might have been better off left on a flash-drive in the desk drawer. ~anon~

“…half the people I know are “writing books and poems” and “publishing” online. I can’t consider these books and poems. A lot of quantity, little quality. On the blogs. I cannot figure out why people would want to share details of their lives with hundreds of other people. I think we are meant to tolerate just so much stimulation and not to be overwhelmed by the Net.” ~anon~

These words that I found written gave me a strong sense of negativity and I felt I needed to respond to them by exposing their pompousness and egalitarian attitude. The basic tenets of life is that you live it and enjoy it and create the world in which you want to live. I wish my world to be as free from negative energy as possible. It is one of the impossible becoming possible some day. I edited what was written. Leaving out the unnecessary words to convey my meaning and purpose for this exhibition of criticism toward those who choose to write and to blog and to learn from the world of the Net. Each one of us chooses our exposure to our own world. The one we have been able to create. Hopefully with the meaning and purpose that will make our lives feel fulfilling. Dreams and Imagination are everything. So Dream whatever Dream you want to come true. Whether it is actualized in this Lifetime is not what gives it meaning and purpose. It is the process of living your life and following your Dreams and experiencing Love that in the end bring you ultimately to the meaning and purpose of Life and whatever may be freed in the beyond that is the 21 grams.

My response to these comments is that everyone needs to express themselves whatever form that may take. We fortunately live in a technological age where we have the benefits of all forms of communications. I have always felt very drawn to the continual growth of the techno world. It’s exciting. Writing a “blog” is exciting. (I do wish there was an alternate word besides “blog”. It just doesn’t emit the resonated sound of what it is I am creating here – blog – it rhymes with frog. It somehow should not be a word that rhymes with frog). Anyway, it surprises me every time one is created out of my mind and onto the page. It may be for an important cause that needs to be addressed like the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse or a fancy of an article pertaining to the entertainment world about the TV show “Castle” with my favorite actor Stana Katic who is my most guilty of pleasures or the sadness of losing someone so spectacular as Elizabeth Taylor. My ideas hopefully will keep flowing and what meaning they have to others is not my main goal for writing them. It is called the pleasure and satisfaction of discovery and expression of ones thoughts and feelings as they develop into ideas and also that I may find a glimmer of meaning and purpose contained within the written words. And then the written words are joined together with relevant photos and paintings to highlight the text. If someone else finds something that pleases or enlightens them then that is a pleasantly added bonus. namaste!


About the universal eclectic

writer.poet.screenwriter. animal activist. support progressive political causes. film maker & photographer. advocate for the protection of children from child sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. lgbtq activist. lesbian. animal advocate. animal lover. daily journaling. dream interpretation. write poetry. fiction(novels & short stories).semi-autobiographical books. screenplays & blogs. cinephile. anglophile. technophile. love theatre. great television(esp. british).films. love books. love reading. collect quotations. collect dvds. love music (eclectic tastes). addicted to laptop computer. internet. facebook. twitter & other social networking. 'surfing' the net. wikipedia. texting. ustream. wordpress. blogging. love my family of 2 humans(myself & my partner) & 12 animals: 1 amazon parrot (saki). (6 cats (sanji, sigmund, schroeder, spike, soyer & spootiepaws). 1 rat (max). 2 degues (bubble & squeak) & 2 chinchillas (sagan & sundance). love animals. worked for humane society for 14 yrs. worked at westport public library as intern. worked at bennington college library. student assistant in college. co-produced gay & lesbian radio show at yale university. member of yale lesbians. board member of new haven, ct women’s' center. love stana katic. her films & her tv show 'castle' -my guilty pleasure. passion for & study of psychotherapy & other forms of psychology. believe in love as a metaphysical state of being. in love with being in love. support legalizing marijuana. support releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison. support abolishing the death penalty. support a woman's right to choose. support the arts in schools. support federal funding of pbs. npr & nea. stopping the government from being taken over by the gop and tea baggers. support for medicare, medicaid and health care for all.
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