ABC Is Cancelling Two Soap Operas: AMC and OLTL

ABC Has Cancelled the Two Soap Operas AMC and OLTL
What Is ABC Programming and Brian Frons Thinking???
By Maggie Christian

Erica Kane and Kendall Thornhart Will Cease To Exist

AMC: All My Children and OLTL: One Life To Live.

OLTL will be gone by January 2012. AMC is going to be showing its last episode sometime in September 2011. ABC is destroying two fantasy cities: Pine Valley and Llanview, Pennsylvania. Along with those cities will go all of the inhabitants: The Kanes. The Martins. The Chandlers. and all of their connections on the soap AMC. On OLTL we will lose: The Lords. The Kramers. The Buchanans. and their outreach into their small intimate community. They may be the figment of the imagination and creation of Agnes Nixon and the many writers who followed to develop story after story for these shows and their many changing and sometimes permanent characters until an actor dies or a character dies. Many pertinent issues have been addressed and brought to the forefront for the watchers of these soaps to learn and talk about spreading the word and opening minds. To so callously abandon these shows that have brought a great deal of pleasure and sadness and laughter and tears and suspense to so many viewers throughout many generations is like an act of malice aforethought. Brian Frons claims the decision was made because of declining viewer-ship. Wrong. He just lacks the imagination and compassion to see how much this world and country need shows like these to help us through the violence and strife that surrounds us. We need the escape that soap operas bring into our home five days a week. Most people who watch know their characters better then they know anyone in their own lives but that’s okay. It’s fun. We know it isn’t real but imaginary and the actors go on living in their real lives but for the time they are on the screen they fill us with dreams – romance – discussion between friends and family who watch the soaps with us or apart from us but aid in bringing us closer together because we have a common bond in our soaps to talk about what just happened or might happen – speculating on the future for our imaginary families and favorite characters and villains. Why are you so selfishly taking these shows away from us when we need them the most. ABC should be ashamed. They should seriously question Brian Frons judgement on this matter and reconsider their position and rescind the cancellations and tell everyone April Fools – you’ve all just been punked.

Now for last night – awhile later after receiving the shocking news of AMC and OLTLs cancellation:

I was on twitter last night. So much talk about this sad situation. The trending topic #onelifetolive was getting a lot of suggestions. One was a plea to Oprah SAVESOAPSOPRAH. It came from a tweet that Carolyn Hinsey of Soap Opera Digest posted. Her suggestion would be that Oprah put the two soaps on OWN and thereby gain 6 million new viewers who would follow the soaps over to her newly started Network. I watch three soaps: AMC (All My Children) – OLTL (One Life To Live) – Y&R (Young and the Restless). Since I was a child so many of the soaps I grew up on have all disappeared. One – The Secret Storm – that lost its footing during the Nixon Watergate Hearings and many more followed – the names are unfortunately endless. Thankfully Eden Riegel – the former Bianca on AMC – is on Y&R. Her storyline as a coming out Lesbian to her mom Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci got me started on watching AMC. I was shocked when I heard the news yesterday that ABC was cancelling AMC and OLTL. I have been writing comments and letters telling Brian Frons he is making a major error. No one is going to watch the junk he is replacing these soaps with. Look at “The Talk” – who watches that since they took off ATWT (As the World Turns)? It’s terrible and fraught with nepotism. ABC is going to lose 20 million viewers a week when they pull the plug on AMC and OLTL. And so many in the entertainment profession are going to be losing their jobs not just the actors but the crew – the writers – the unseen behind the scene. And the opportunity of future jobs with these two soaps disappearing will vanish along with them. I hate Reality TV. It’s ruining television. Give me a show with good writers – good actors – directors and a crew that make it all come together. A sad day for TV. There are so many cable channels that could do the shows Brian Frons wants to throw-up at us. Send them there and leave AMC and OLTL alone. And seriously ABC consider firing Brian Frons.

comments on the cancellations:

“…Fans are speaking out and voicing their opinions. Having been on the air for over 40 years, “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” have earned the respect of nearly 20 million viewers a week and it’s those viewers who are outraged by the cancellation.”


“Soap Opera Fans, Try to Save One Life to Live and All My Children Snail Mail, Email, Call, Contact Form Say NO to reality TV and YES to All My Children and One Life To Live! ABC Daytime 2300 Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91506 Brian Frons President, ABC Daytime daytime audience email Contact Form 1-818-460-7477”

“This is a shock to me. They are cancelling two of the three soaps I watch regularly. Brian Frons has no idea that people need escapist entertainment with a touch of social issues on the side not more garbage shows that any odd cable network could just as easily present. He’s taking away more jobs from the entertainment community who have faithfully kept us on the edge of our seat – me since i was a child. This is a real shame when the world is becoming a harsher and harsher place to live in. We need escape not more junk shows.”

“One of the few good memories from my childhood. It’s not like the networks haven’t cancelled so many soaps before now. My favorites from childhood are gone now. Nixon Watergate Hearings killed quite a few. It’s been a domino effect since then. Brian Frons I hope you have nightmares for making this decision. You said no one has punched you yet for doing this. You may not get punched but you will create an angry mob. There are a lot of soap fans out there who thrive on their soap fixes.”

“I agree that AMC has dropped off on their story telling but they are improving but you are right about OLTL, it is a great soap and does not deserve to be cancelled and replaced by something an ordinary cable channel could pick up. Brian Frons has no clue who the viewing audience is. He’s been trying to destroy AMC since Megan McTavish was head writer on the show. Shame on him for not listening to the viewers. We do not want the junk he wants to feed us and to prove it he will not have any audience for his new badly thought up shows.”

“Has Brian Frons never heard of the Cooking Network and The Food Channel. and look how “the Talk” has done since CBS dumped As The World Turns. the new show “sucks” and I will not go near that show nor any of the boring shows they plan on replacing AMC & OLTL with. Sometimes it is good to have continuing stories that take you away from the realities of this all too violent and depressing world as it is more and more becoming. I have watched soaps since I was a kid and will continue. I hope some other Networks have the sense to pick up these two soaps. The audience will follow and ABC advertiser­s will abandon the ship and hopefully will follow after them and leave ABC with no one giving them money for advertisin­g the crap they want to force on the audience in place of the Great Entertainm­ent of Soap Operas.”

“Soaps have always kept me entertained when I was sick as a child and I learned a great deal from them. I remember when I first heard the word pregnant on a soap. It was so surprising but no one ever used that word anywhere else. Soaps make many breakthroughs. They help people talk about important issues they would otherwise feel uncomfortable bringing up in conversation.”

“…This is really the beginning of the end of an era. One of my guilty pleasures is watching soaps. I’ve been watching off and on since I was a kid. I started watching back in the day when some of them were only 15 minutes long. Daytime drama has had to compete with the reality shows and game shows and talk shows for a long time now but to think they would be replaced by a boring lack of entertainment. Soon – but I hope not – they will all be gone and that will be sad – because it is a genre that a lot of us were actually brought up watching.”

“ABC has canceled two of its longest-running programs, daytime soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” The network announced Thursday that the two soap operas would end, with “All My Children” going off the air in September 2011 and “One Life to Live” going off the air in January 2012. In their place, a Mario Batali-hosted food show called “The Chew” will premiere and in September a health/lifestyle transformation show will replace “All My Children.” ~HuffPost~

“A Real Travesty beyond comprehension and belief. I am beginning to miss them already. I hope Angie gets her eyesight back and Erica marries Jack and Bianca finds the love of her life – maybe she has in Marissa. Tad will live happily ever after with Cara. Kendall will join together with her new Doctor. Always and Forever for “All My Children”. And for “One Life To Live” I hope we find out if both Todd and Todd are going to be alive and well and Jack doesn’t turn into a total psychopath. Vicki finds happiness. Dorian and David move to Paris. Shane gets his comic books published. His parents get married. Joey and Kelly hook up. Matthew does not go to prison but gets probation because after all it was an accident. And his parents Bo and Nora find their happy ending. Nigel finds true love. Jessica returns and marries Brody because Marti is going to come clean and the babies fathers are the right fathers so that John and Natalie can find their true love together. And Roxie – well she can marry Clint. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot. I don’t know how this is all going to end but I wish it didn’t have to and wouldn’t have to and once again we get our two soaps back on their normal schedule fives days a weeks – fifty-two weeks a years. Now that would be living happily ever after.” ~that’s how I – Maggie Christian would like to see things end up. So Please Save AMC and OLTL. Can you hear me Oprah??? Can you hear me???


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10 Responses to ABC Is Cancelling Two Soap Operas: AMC and OLTL

  1. Maria says:

    ABC had well-established brands. Why destroy them? Just re-market Soaps in new ways? One way… Routinely send Soap Stars to colleges around the country to hold symposia discussing acting, writing, TV production etc.. (similar to “Inside the Actors Studio”.) College students would love that and it would expose young potential viewers to Soaps. Another way … Since fans are so attached to Soap Stars, why not have some of the actors actually endorse products at commercial time. Instead of an unknown spokesmodel selling makeup – have a Soap Star do it. Viewers would be more likely to buy products endorsed or presented by their favorite Soap Stars. Advertisers get more bang for their buck by having their products personally endorsed by people whom consumers admire and trust. These are some thoughts off the top of my head … but aren’t these TV execs paid big bucks to be far more creative than to just cancel and replace programming?

  2. Sherri Andrews says:

    I think All My Children and One Life to Live need to be saved. They could be the same as Desperate Housewives or Brothers and Sisters – let them be on for one hour per week. That way it would let us all get our fix and keep everyone employed at the same time. Although it would really put OPRAH’S new network on the map – We would all leave ABC and go straight to OPRAH.

  3. saherm says:

    I really hope ABC listens and keeps these soaps. I, as a viewer, am completely outraged by ABC’s decision. Hopefully, if OWN comes around, maybe we get to keep them. (fingers crossed).

  4. baggedemotions says:

    Soap opera’s make things seem a little bit normal and I know that’s a brave statement because of how bizarre and dramatic they are…but who doesn’t love a good soap! I still can’t believe that they are just killing the brand. These soaps are being dropped left and right for no good reason and it’s really sad. I just hope that General Hospital is the last on standing if it comes down to that 😦

  5. J.F. Bayless says:

    I have watched AMC since its inception and though I realize it can not run forever…..
    I can not believe you are putting another ‘cooking’ show in the middle of the day….Who cooks anymore????? I will either have to ‘read’ more or find something on another station to watch or tape………nothing seems to be a constant in our lives anymore, even a ‘soap’……..
    And please since General Hospital will stay on air… something besides more marriages for Sonny and crime organization……….who’s life is like that anyhow…..???
    Can’t Jason and Sonny get out of organized crime….somehow…..kill off old man Zaccarah……he’s sucks……..even as a mental case…….I’m surprised Johnny didn’t put a hit on his ole man while he was in prison….get a new theme……in this case, crime does not pay…… is getting old……..because it doesn’t seem real to the average person….
    Actually, that is what is wrong with all the soaps, though I still liked them, was they seem to just have recurring themes in all of them, very little ‘NEW’ scenarios……..

  6. Gary says:

    I don’t watch soaps. I am a sports and business guy. But I can’t imagine what living with my wife, a lifelong soap junky, wll be like after they go off the air. For that reason alone I wish someone would pick them up, somewhere, somehow.

  7. Vickie Mosley says:

    I still miss Guiding Light and have watched AMC and OLTL since day one. I am so SICK of the talk and reality shows. I boycotted the time slot for guiding Light and I will do it for AMC and OLTL. I will soon be spending my time watching the upper channels more and more. NBC is not even on my grid and ABC and CBS are close behind. I guess cheap entertainment sells and the reality shows are at the top of the list. To all the soap actors and actresses, I have enjoyed all the work and talent that you have given to the viewers all these years and you will be greatly missed!!!!!!!

    • I’m waiting to see what Procter Park does with AMC and OLTL online. Still waiting for more information. I know they aren’t able to talk to the soap stars yet and when that will happen is baffling.Like you I do not intend to watch what has replaced Guiding Light nor will I be watching the time slot for AMC and OLTL. I did recently start watching Bold and the Beautiful and will probably start to watch DOOL again but once AMC and OLTL are set up online I will go back to them. Awhile back people online were talking about what soaps would we like to see return and also petitioning to start an all SOAPS Channel. I grew up on them and learn about life through watching them. I love the soap actors and actresses. I know their characters better than any primetime characters except my favorite primetime shows CASTLE and MODERN FAMILY. Anything else does not make the same imprint as soaps. I wish they would bring back GL somehow. I watched that one when I was a kid and before it went off the air. Loved the change of scenery. Very bold of them.

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