circle of stones: woman’s journey to herself by judith duerk

circle of stones: woman’s journey to herself by judith duerk (june 30, 2004) i found this book while on facebook reading and writing comments when i looked to the right column where many different ads and “like” pages are listed. if i am familiar with the “like” page i will click on “like” but when i noticed the “like” page for circle of stones by judith duerk, i clicked on the title and followed it to the fan page only to find that there was no administrator and no postings or a wall in which to post. a friend had posted earlier; it was her liking that page that lead me on this journey – i decided to click on the “like” button on the top of the page and became the 26th person to like it. don’t you find it rather magical how these mysterious pages are created. well, i couldn’t stop at that, i wanted to see if i could create a post that would magically appear on this page. i’ve seen that happen before with other such pages. so, i wrote the beginnings of this post for my wall and it developed into this post on “the universal eclectic” blog site.

the title at the top of the post can be found on and i am about to find out more about this book. the subtitle alone makes it sound even more interesting. at first i thought maybe it had something to do with Stonehenge but in this case the subtitle leads us to believe otherwise. well to my surprise Stonehenge was mentioned on the first page and all the other magical places. The following sampling of phrases appeared on the sneak peak (have a “look inside” – a great idea to help someone decide if this is the book they want to read; is it going to cover the subject matter they are searching for) – on “circle of stones, haunting, healing & powerful… the feminine process of consciousness… “sometimes dreams alter the course of an entire life”…”the universal importance of a womens’ tears… what is your experience of the value of tears?”…”how might it have been different for you if you had been encouraged to express your feelings rather than contain them?”… “where do you go or what do you do to feel centered?”… “has anyone ever encouraged you to pay attention to your own woundedness?” a heading of a section on the table of contents page: “in search of her self” with subheadings that read paraphrased: “a sense of her depth…her feelings…her process…her fear…her need…her self.” the next section is headed: “in search of her life” with subheadings that read: “gathering her being. gathering her wholeness. embracing her woundedness. finding her voice.” lastly a phrase within the book that rather moves me personally: “to feel within herself the possibility of being her own source of nurture, of wisdom…needs a chance to mourn her collective loss—to face into the pain of her black emptiness and to release it. she needs to mourn, to let go, in order that she may finally connect inwardly with what she never outwardly had…needs to connect within with a rootedness, substance and strength that can ground her and fill her with a sense of what she was, is, and will become. each woman needs to come to an awareness of her own womanhood…feeling her own personal separateness, her own equal reality…and to bringing her own manifest form in a way that express the power, substance and wisdom of the archetypal feminine within herself…” just a few phrases and a sense of content to give you a feeling for what and where the author is going with her book.

“judith duerk (the author) is a mentor and a friend, a sister and wisewoman whose words touch the deepest core of the feminine. her astonishing insights, questions and heart have helped me understand what it is to be a woman. her words encourage, awaken and heal. every woman needs this book by her bed.” ~joan borysenko~ author of “a woman’s book of life: minding the body, minding the mind…”

“…therapists are recommending it and readers in general begin with an initial reaction of tears. what is it about this books that evokes such a response?”

well, after reading the table of contents, reading the assorted passages i’ve recorded above, i believe this is the next book, which has coincidentally entered into my path, that i feel i am destined to and i am meant to read.

by maggie christian


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