and the survey says???

i am keenly aware of what is happening in this world through twitter & facebook & other internet social networking sites. i am a blogger & a writer. i follow posts/links from fb & tweets that lead me to timely information. trending on twitter fascinates’s like going down the rabbit hole..i never know what’s at the other end.. i sign petitions. i support progressive political causes.. animals rights.. childrens rigths.. stopping childhood sexual & emotional & physical & spiritual abuse..i send emails to members of congress. i am an animal rights activist & highly aware of what the world is doing to the environment & particularly what the US Government is doing to not protect it. i do not do recycling b/c it takes more energy to convert recycled material then it would be to create it new and i know the argument about not enough landfill space. that is why we need biodegradable garbage bags & by-products that are not made of plastic that will dissolve easily into the earth. the government needs to put more money & effort into funding & supporting the production of solar & alternative energy sources..and not for some time in the distant future but now. i am disappointed with congress now b/c they..the gop..want to cut funds for so many necessary programs instead of taking away the tax cuts from the 1% of the population that are so wealthy they do not need them & putting that money back into creating jobs..bringing jobs back to this country..supporting education..supporting the arts.. public broadcasting.. healthcare.. boosting the economy means more people working at a decent wage..paying more taxes..spending money on products..causing a flow in the economy.. congress needs to raise the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour & make it law.. the president needs to stop states like Ohio & Wisconsin from harassing its workers & threatening those labor union workers who if they should go out on strike that they will be fined $1000 & serve jail time. immigration – why are those in charge trying so hard to force people out of this country back to dire situations & sometimes dangerous & deadly ones? our country..the usa.. was created by killing the natives of this country and then founded by immigrants..every last one of them.. so what is the problem now & don’t tell me fear or lose of jobs. women’s rights are being trampled by the gop by their wanting to redefine what rape is & when a woman should be allowed to have an abortion. they don’t in some cases want the abortion to happen through the hospital even if it means saving the mother’s life. there are so many issues that need to be addressed & president obama needs to show more influence over the congress to support the liberal & progressive movements’ call for change & implement into law the issues that need addressing immediately. i’ve signed the petitions..followed the causes & there are so many but if congress would stop trying to take this country backwards that would be a good start & then start thinking about caring for the citizens of this country rather than just the wealthy individuals that have it all & start supporting & aiding those that have had so much taken from them like their jobs & their homes & their dignity. this has been a good survey for me to take in order that i was able to express my thoughts on what needs to be addressed in this country & the world. how about peace in the middle east..the president needs to get some cooperation going on over there. it just feels like the whole world is going crazy & it should could use some good shrinks to help work it out of its sense of insecurity. stop killing its citizens. stop terrorism domestic & international. why can’t we just get along??? let’s stop destroying the earth one moment at a time.

Started by: Liberal Democratic Party Of The United States – i support & have signed this.
Sign this petition at if you want to get congress to enact a $10 an hour minimum wage, The Employee Free Choice act, a real prescription drug benefit for Medicare in part B, an End to 2 expensive wars, a single payer government health insurance plan, Tier 5 unemployment benefits extension, A social security COLA Payment, an end to tax cuts for the wealthy, an end to Republican filibusters and the Women’s freedom of choice act into law.

by maggie christian 3.7.11


About the universal eclectic

writer.poet.screenwriter. animal activist. support progressive political causes. film maker & photographer. advocate for the protection of children from child sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. lgbtq activist. lesbian. animal advocate. animal lover. daily journaling. dream interpretation. write poetry. fiction(novels & short stories).semi-autobiographical books. screenplays & blogs. cinephile. anglophile. technophile. love theatre. great television(esp. british).films. love books. love reading. collect quotations. collect dvds. love music (eclectic tastes). addicted to laptop computer. internet. facebook. twitter & other social networking. 'surfing' the net. wikipedia. texting. ustream. wordpress. blogging. love my family of 2 humans(myself & my partner) & 12 animals: 1 amazon parrot (saki). (6 cats (sanji, sigmund, schroeder, spike, soyer & spootiepaws). 1 rat (max). 2 degues (bubble & squeak) & 2 chinchillas (sagan & sundance). love animals. worked for humane society for 14 yrs. worked at westport public library as intern. worked at bennington college library. student assistant in college. co-produced gay & lesbian radio show at yale university. member of yale lesbians. board member of new haven, ct women’s' center. love stana katic. her films & her tv show 'castle' -my guilty pleasure. passion for & study of psychotherapy & other forms of psychology. believe in love as a metaphysical state of being. in love with being in love. support legalizing marijuana. support releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison. support abolishing the death penalty. support a woman's right to choose. support the arts in schools. support federal funding of pbs. npr & nea. stopping the government from being taken over by the gop and tea baggers. support for medicare, medicaid and health care for all.
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