hello! welcome to my world…

welcome to my blog. this is my first post. let me give you an introduction to myself and how i hope to develop my blog site “the universal eclectic”.

what to know about writer723 “the universal eclectic”: i am a writer. a poet and a screenwriter. my causes of interest are as an animal activist and a strong supporter of progressive political causes. i support lgbt rights, equality and same-sex marriage. i am an advocate for the prevention of child abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. i want to work toward expressing my views on mental health and mental illness: such diagnoses as DID/MPD, Bipolar Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Anxiety Disorder and any others about which i am able to do research and educate myself. strongly support and advocate the legalization, decriminalization and repeal of the laws that make marijuana illegal on all levels not just for medicinal use. i am an amateur film maker and photographer. i am a lover and advocate for animals wild and domesticated. I do daily journaling. i believe in the value of dream interpretation toward understanding ones unner consciousness. the kind of writing that i engage in are poetry. fiction (novels and short stories). semi-autobiogrpahical books and screenplays. i am an avid cinephile and anglophile. i love theatre. great television (esp. british). there is not enough time to view all the films that are on my list to watch and more are added constantly. i love books and reading them. i hesitate to reveal that i have discovered the kindle and find myself developing the beginnings of an extensive library but i still love the feel of the hardcover book; not so much the paperback. i am addicted to my laptop computer engaging in the internet on facebook. twitter. linkedin and other social networking sites. i am online regularly frequenting such sites as wikipedia. ustream. imdb. wordnik. texting on google voice. huffpost. nytimes and so many other sites seeking out information in all areas. i have an insatiable craving for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. i love my family of two humans (myself and my partner) both lesbians and our twelve animals. one being an amazon parrot named saki. six cats (schroeder. sanji. soyer. spike. sigmund. spootiepaws). two chinchillas (sundance and sagan). one rat (max) and two degues (bubble and squeak). i have an all encompassing crush on the actress stana katic. her films ( her new one “For Lovers Only” about to be released in Paris on 6.3.11) and her tv show ‘castle’ – she is just one of my guilty pleasures. i have a passion for the study of psychotherapy and other forms of psychology. learning and expanding my mind and soul is very important to me. through self analysis. meditation and reiki i find the roads to this goal. writing and music are also very important modes leading me through this life toward higher consciousness. i must not forget about the body in which all of this would not be possible. it contains the mind. the spirit. the living flesh of my existence on this plane called life. i work on trying to keep my body healthy. it is not easy in this world we live in. it is an on going effort but without it i would not exist as i am now in this existence here in our universe. all is one..one is all. namaste! ps. i hope to be able to express various thoughts about the relevancy of ideas happening around the world from a variety of interests and curiosities.

by maggie christian


About the universal eclectic

writer.poet.screenwriter. animal activist. support progressive political causes. film maker & photographer. advocate for the protection of children from child sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. lgbtq activist. lesbian. animal advocate. animal lover. daily journaling. dream interpretation. write poetry. fiction(novels & short stories).semi-autobiographical books. screenplays & blogs. cinephile. anglophile. technophile. love theatre. great television(esp. british).films. love books. love reading. collect quotations. collect dvds. love music (eclectic tastes). addicted to laptop computer. internet. facebook. twitter & other social networking. 'surfing' the net. wikipedia. texting. ustream. wordpress. blogging. love my family of 2 humans(myself & my partner) & 12 animals: 1 amazon parrot (saki). (6 cats (sanji, sigmund, schroeder, spike, soyer & spootiepaws). 1 rat (max). 2 degues (bubble & squeak) & 2 chinchillas (sagan & sundance). love animals. worked for humane society for 14 yrs. worked at westport public library as intern. worked at bennington college library. student assistant in college. co-produced gay & lesbian radio show at yale university. member of yale lesbians. board member of new haven, ct women’s' center. love stana katic. her films & her tv show 'castle' -my guilty pleasure. passion for & study of psychotherapy & other forms of psychology. believe in love as a metaphysical state of being. in love with being in love. support legalizing marijuana. support releasing non-violent drug offenders from prison. support abolishing the death penalty. support a woman's right to choose. support the arts in schools. support federal funding of pbs. npr & nea. stopping the government from being taken over by the gop and tea baggers. support for medicare, medicaid and health care for all.
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